The Problem

There's too much e-mail and it takes too long to read, resulting in continuous inbox overflow for those who receive a lot of it.

The Solution

Treat all e-mail as profound, or at least fun, but above all short. Do this by spending the time to focus your thoughts into haiku. If it's not worth the effort, it's not worth the time for your recipient to read.

Or put another way:

Pleasantly rare and
more fun, haiku email is
distilled importance.

haikuemail.me is a personal policy that all e-mail regardless of sender or subject will be disregarded unless it is written as haiku. It’s that simple.

** To begin using this system, when sending haiku e-mail optionally copy this text and paste it into your e-mail signature:

When choosing to ignore non-haiku email you receive, reply to the e-mail with this text:

How to Write Haiku

There's the simple answer and the complex answer. But any honest attempt will not be shunned.